What is creative dance? – Glen Echo Social Dance Schedule Layout

This can range from the most exciting dance to the most tedious of dance – one might call it a type of dance one does just to pass the time. The term “drag” is applied to the practice of dancing in this manner – to this effect, we use the term “drag music” (also the preferred term given by many performers).

Draggable or dragging, it is a form of rhythmic dance performance. Some are of a more theatrical variety, like the “trick-or-treating” style of drag. Other performers, like The Flaming Lips, use “brave or brave” styles of dance, sometimes to great effect. They use the technique in the form of “songs”. In addition to “music” – sometimes “dance-related” as well (or “songs” such as “The Great Escape” by The Ramones ) – the term “drag” also refers to the performance of certain choreography elements or movements, and to the individual performer’s performance of those elements.

How do we dance?

As we have seen, people can do anything, but the way in which they perform the elements of movement in dance can differ greatly. We will examine these elements below. For purposes of discussion, these elements will be called “drag elements”.

We will discuss this in more detail and with examples in the coming sections. In this section we will begin to discuss “rhyme, texture, and expression”, but we leave a bit of information at the end – we hope it is useful for those wanting to study drag with a deeper view.

First, let us look at the basic elements of dance, their functions and characteristics. Next, we will discuss the various styles of drag, so we can understand the overall character of drag. We will examine more of these elements in sections to come – this is one subject that will never be too quickly covered, so if you haven’t taken a dance class, please do so now!

To move to more general concepts and concepts about the drag, we will discuss the basic elements first. In addition, we will review some basic drag techniques. At the end, we will be able to discuss a few of the many ways drag is made possible. By knowing some basic aspects of drag, and understanding how we have used them before, we can create greater variety and variety in our drag performances.

We have touched upon two basic elements here: rhythm and texture (

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What is creative dance? – Glen Echo Social Dance Schedule Layout
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