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It’s music with an audience. Creativity in this way comes through the collective imagination. It’s a collaborative activity based on an idea and then the musicians make their way to live audience performances, creating a new piece of music to be performed and enjoyed.

Is it a form of performance art? Yes, and not all of the instruments were created with a performance in mind. A lot of instruments from various musical traditions were used in performing the song and it’s interesting to see the variety of instruments and techniques used over time. In the end, this song was all about music with the audience in mind.

What is your favorite memory of it all? It has been so long since I took up playing the drums. My favorite musical memory is playing a song with my friends.

Who does the music for the song? I wrote the story with some of my friends and it was an idea that came from somewhere outside of us. While I did play the drums at first, I never thought I would continue performing as my dream has just gotten closer and closer to coming true.

Tell me about the band called R&B Tribute, who are they? It’s a band based out of Chicago, Illinois. The first track on the recording was performed by the legendary singer, singer-songwriter and songwriter Dr. John and the band just kind of took off after that. Dr. John, a great singer who has been performing with R&B tributes since the 1980’s, has now taken all of his songs from his extensive library and made them available for our music. While not being a band, a great idea. With Dr. John’s songwriting skill and musical knowledge, we started taking on a few projects.

Tell me about the “R&B Tribute,” What do they do on stage when you listen to the song? R&B Tribute is a one man one band. We perform mostly gospel and R&B covers and songs from years gone past. We can work well on a small area of the stage but if we need to play larger spaces we will need two people performing. Our band is open to any and all creative ideas and we are open to any musical ideas we will come across.
Michigan State RB Lorenzo White's path to the Hall of Fame

Why did you name yourselves R&B Tribute? Our name is short for “Red, Black & Berry.” Red and Black refers to different colors and Berry is a reference to our singer-songwriter. Our name was created to honor our singer-songwriter

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What is creative dance? – Center For Social Dance Lansing Mi News Wilx
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