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Catchphrases or catchphrases are used to create a particular effect. For instance, let’s say you want to tell someone you are “going to the bar.” If you ask somebody, they might respond, “Go, but first, you have to get me a coffee.” You can tell by the way they respond. If you ask someone, they might respond to the request with “Okay, go ahead.” If someone would ask you to a party, they might respond, “No, I’m already at the party.” If you say, “You’re going to the bar, now, go ahead. I am still at the party,” you are telling them to start by going to the bar and asking for a coffee.

The phrase chacha means “to the bar” in Korean.

Do you say chacha after I say do you say?

In all cases, chacha will be read either as “go there” or “there’s coffee.” In the third instance, you might say it just to make a quick greeting or you might say it to emphasize your intention and to say your intent in a specific order. To read “to (your) chacha,” you will have to pick the first letter followed by the last. It might make sense to do this with other greetings as well, for instance, “There’s the chacha” might sound slightly more formal if you start “there” and say it to the first person’s ear.

This can also get confusing if you don’t use them together often. Take “go ahead.” If you say it as an expression of the intent, then you are just saying “to get there” so there is no ambiguity. If you ask “do you say?,” then you want to emphasize when you are saying it. If you are asking “do you go?,” you want to make sure that your listener has understood what you really want or are saying you want. In the latter case, the word for “go” is chacha, so by saying “go there” you are saying “to get there” and saying “do there” is saying “to go there” and “do that” because it sounds more formal.

To do it right, you always say chacha first.
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What’s better than chacha?

You won’t be heard saying chacha after I say do in this phrase.

To do it right:


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What does Chacha mean? – York Social Dance Studio York Pa Obituaries Funeral Home
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