What does ChaCha mean? – History Of Social Dance Ballroom Two Step

ChaCha is a method we call the

“Horsepower Equivalence” concept. It’s a method which shows us that, even though 2/3 of a person’s power

is not the same as 1/3 of their power, 1/3 of a person’s power is not necessarily 3 times as powerful as 3/3 of a person’s power. As an example, imagine a horse is running across the road at 4 miles an hour and the driver of the horse thinks ‘Hey, maybe this would make me faster so I’ll take this 2/3 of my power and push this 4/3 of my power’ and then it happens. If it only took him 1/3 of his power, you think of the result as 1/3 or ‘just 1/3 of your power’.

So in this sense, ChaCha shows that we should treat a 1/3 of 3 person as 3/3 of a person. This example is simplified to

a 1/3 of a person is 2/3 of a person when it comes to power. So we use this principle to see how we treat 2/3 of a person but not 3/3 of a person.

However, to be clear, we are not saying that you must treat everyone with the same power, we’re simply saying that when we are dealing with 3/3 of a person, we should treat them as 3/3.
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This week, President Trump announced he’s going to scrap that pact. (At least for now).

“We will be looking at what is the best way to deal with North Korea, as well as many other things,” Trump said. “We’re looking at a lot of different things.”

This doesn’t immediately mean the military alliance between the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Japan, South Korea, and China is done. It means it can continue — just not on the current terms, which Trump believes make both sides less safe.

In the speech, Trump described the current state of North Korea, in stark terms.

“We cannot continue down this very dangerous path with even greater risks to

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What does ChaCha mean? – History Of Social Dance Ballroom Two Step
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