What dance means to me? – Social Dance Game

Why should my husband dance with me?

If you ask me this question it means you are too lazy to learn to dance, or else the question is a question about your ability to dance in the first place. To me it means you have not been dancing for a long time.

Don’t you want to dance?!?!

Dancing is one of the world’s great sports. It is a great means to express creativity and to communicate with others. You should not be denied that.

If we truly love our partner we would do anything for them. When they love us we would want to dance with them.

What does it feel like to dance with someone who doesn’t love you?

It gets you down. It gets you down that they don’t agree with your decision. It leaves you questioning your own love and who it truly represents.

Dancing is not about being a ‘perfect’ dancer. It is about knowing how and where you can help the world grow. It is learning how to make the world a better place.

We dance to celebrate life. We dance to share life with others. There is a world outside of dance where we enjoy the company of our loved ones, and feel confident we have enough love in us to help make that world a better place. That world is not where you want to keep dancing.

If your dance partner does not love you you are not a perfect partner, and you can’t expect to get your partner to change their mind about dancing with you.

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A better question for you would be “How would you feel if dancing with that person is not my choice?” How would that feel? You will have a good idea who the person is when they begin dancing with you. If the person does not love you or is not willing to change their mind you have been dancing with someone you cannot trust.

Please do not make me dance with you.

You would be dancing with a stranger, you would be going against their wishes and they may take offense to that. So be sure to dance with someone who is not the target of your dancing.

Can I still dance, but with someone else?

If they won’t dance with me then I have no right to dance with them. You can go to a club or have your friend give you a ride if you don’t want to dance with them. You can go dancing at another dance.

If they love you then they would be

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What dance means to me? – Social Dance Game
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