What dance means to me? – Social Ballroom Dancing

My parents never got it. I know it’s important to me, but it means quite a bit to my dad to dance and to learn to be able to give a few people a kick in the ass. That’s what makes the community so special. I don’t have it for dance lessons anymore I’m a grown man and my Dad has my back, as long as I keep pushing myself and doing my best to make a difference. All over the world there is an amazing group of dance graduates that inspire me. And I don’t know where that takes us but I want to be a part of it somehow.”

And while the music does not become the dominant element of your life for quite some time, as the years go by, you become more and more drawn to the idea of putting the heart of a performance out there, and getting it out there in whatever format is needed or is a bit more accessible.

You see some of the most amazing dancers that have never even touched a club platform, and then they get a chance to do that gig and they have so much energy and happiness in their eyes, they just want to dance. They come up to me and say, they get to do their choreography. They get to dance for about 40 minutes and they have that energy and the music. And I do that for 40 minutes but I see those people and I hear those people are excited as well, and they are like, ‘I have no idea where to start, I want to learn to dance.’ And so I bring it to them and I get them interested in it because it feels like the most fun thing that can happen, and so I love that feeling of getting people like that to look at my videos and to understand why I do what I do.”

If you could only do one concert at least once a year, what would it be and why do you think it would be special?

One of the amazing moments that I had when I was growing up was in the middle of summer. The weather didn’t cooperate, so I went as a child to this giant outdoor show in Atlanta, and I got a ticket to see one of my favorite bands in the world, The Who. And it was that night that I learned how to sing. The whole audience was singing along to The Who and I learned how to sing and I had never practiced it before, but I learned to sing really really good and I saw how hard and how long it takes. I didn’t want to stop.

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What dance means to me? – Social Ballroom Dancing
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