What dance means to me? – Old Folk Dances

That’s what I do to myself. It’s all about being comfortable,” she sings, as she moves her arms, her neck, her torso, and her hands.

“That’s how I make it happen,” she continues. “You don’t know it yet, but all you do is give it to yourself.”

When she finishes singing, the song is over and the sound of her own voice is more powerful than anything she’s experienced in her life, yet she can’t stop her heart from racing. When she’s finally able to come to her senses, she sees that the entire class has stood up and is looking at her, their breath catching in their chests, and they’re smiling.

“Are you alright, Elsa?”

“I am fine,” she responds, turning to face them, her voice calm and confident, and the people around her feel her presence in their hearts.

“How long have you had your heart on your sleeve?” a small boy asks from across the room, looking at the floor. “What did you do?”

“I didn’t know I was gonna lose it this soon,” Elsa says, her voice still cold. The kid can’t help but laugh. He seems lost and confused too, but he looks up to find Elsa with an expression of pure power and joy. “What?”

“I think you need to start listening to all the people here.”

Elsa’s eyes snap to her friend. “Why?”

“Everyone here is trying to tell you that you have your heart on your sleeve, that you need to move on.”

Elsa’s eyes shoot up to her friends. “But I’m not done.”

“Elsa, I just said that. You’re making this harder than it needs to be. You’re being selfish and not being happy enough, and that’s why it feels like it’s getting harder.”

Elsa smiles. “This may finally be your chance to stop trying so hard and start being happy,” she says. “You’ve been there for me, even though you didn’t know I was feeling this bad.”

“And I want my life back, too,” a girl whispers from near the back as some of the others laugh quietly.

“All the pain you’ve caused me,” she says, “all caused us to get closer when we were supposed to be farther away.”

“What was that about?” A man asks, his gaze drawn to them

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What dance means to me? – Old Folk Dances
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