What are the types of dance? – What Are Social Dances

• Tango: In the beginning it looked like a really simple ballroom dance, but now it’s more of an accordion dance. It is a very difficult dance.

• Vamp: There are also a lot of women who love this dance. It’s kind of a combination of ballet & tango and it’s fun. They do a lot of it and you have to be really well prepared and watch out for falling. It was the first one that I was involved in.

• Cabaret: Cabaret is a dance that women try out after a while because women are trying to show what a woman can do. It’s kind of like a circus at the same time. You have all different kinds of dancers that try a couple of different things. It’s very interesting to watch and it’s really a different genre than the “dance school” dance that is taught in school and at parties.

• Reggae: Reggae is another kind of dance. Some of the people have been doing this a long time, and some are newer. They’re learning the dance from the time they wake up, from the time they go to bed, all the way into the day. It is more interesting than just about every other dance because it has such different rhythms throughout the day, so the dance becomes something that they are interested in.

• Traditional: The traditional dance is that girls and boys don’t have to compete for the same positions.

• Jazz: This is sort of how old dances like “guitar-pop” originated, and jazz is like any other music you can have two people who like different types of music playing together, so you always have different people and different styles.
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• Pop: This is a type of dance that is very popular. The first time I went to a dance class was when I was a little child. And it’s funny, but it was more like going to the playground and playing in different lanes and everything. The first time I ever danced something like that. When I was a little girl I remember I used to be very afraid of things like that and when I got older I grew up a little bit more.

• Rock: I have never really been very open to rock dances. It is just something that you have never tried before. When I went to dance school I didn’t realize how good rock was, or how good the music was. You know, there is still a lot of rock dancers

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What are the types of dance? – What Are Social Dances
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