What are the types of dance? – Old Folk Dances

There are two type of dances performed at the Festival. The First is called the Gogo Dojo – this consists of students who are not necessarily part of a martial arts association or a club in the Uji region. These students train to be dance partners for the performers. They perform a variety of different dances. The second, more formal dance is the Gogo Taejungdo or Gogo Dojo -this is more traditionally trained members, and this requires members to have formal martial arts practice. (Gogo Taejungdo is the official dance of the Uji Region.)

Do you train for the Gogo Dojo?

During the weekdays of the Festival, most of the students come in to see the performances. They will often pay their own way to see the performance, which is usually done between 2 and 6 pm. There is a fee for attendance, and a few students pay by making donations to the performers themselves. There is also an optional donation to the “Kokumin Gogo” or “Puppeteers” who perform as performers at the Festival, which is an expensive (around 1,000 to 1,500 yen), but fun activity, and you can do it once or twice a year after your festival membership.

How much does it cost?

The Gogo Dojo fee (about 200 yen) is charged at the main gate of the Festival. You can also pay by paying with your Gogo Card, which is redeemable in one of the many ATMs within the city.

What do I bring to the festival?

For the sake of convenience, we recommend bringing your own water bottle, food for lunch, some kind of clothing and shoes for dancing, and a pair of earplugs for the cold weather. We also ask that you refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages, as it may make your festival performance uncomfortable for others.

Can I rent equipment?

Yes, you may rent any kinds of equipment (we don’t mind the size of your equipment) during your festival stay. If you rent a Gogo Dojo, you may bring a couple of students to practice with as a practice partner and do the basic techniques like gungi, haka, tukakute, etc.

Are there anything else to know regarding the Koyama Festival?

There are a lot of activities that will be taking place during the Koyama Festival. At a time that you may not have

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What are the types of dance? – Old Folk Dances
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