What are the two types of social dance? – Center For Social Dance Okemos Michigan

Do you just say “Swing the dum-dum”? Or do you say, “Y’all are all a bunch of hooligans?” If you’re the latter, then you’re not playing social dance very well. It should just be one thing. But in most groups, people in the group are in the swing as far as what music goes, what dance moves go, what the dance itself is. So that’s one situation; but in the club, if you go to a club and every one is playing everything that has ever been recorded, there are going to be certain things that everybody knows how to do, and that’s just not the case with group dance.

I know that you do do this in the club. What do you do when you start to see all this music in the audience? You have a whole different way of working. Are you going for the one-upmanship with the audience and then you’re just trying to beat the rest of them?

I like to start from the top. So, we’re not looking to beat any man or woman. I like to be in the conversation. A lot of that is trying to keep people interested. I’m not trying to be a rock star or anybody else. I’m just in the club. I like to have a good time; I like to create a good vibe.

The first time I ever saw you play, did people really jump up and down?

That is what social dancing is. You don’t just want people to dance to you because they like you. You don’t want them to dance to you because then they become a part of your party. That’s the best thing. So that’s just the way that I like to play. I know that everyone wants to just dance to me, but all it does is create a good atmosphere.

I’m curious to hear about your other dance moves. I’m interested to also find out if you’re a kino dancer or have done kino before at one time.

I have done a lot of work in the studio. I have done some in the studio but I don’t mind being on stage and dancing with the crowd. I’d like to be able to be in a group where that’s my goal—to be in a group that has people looking at me dance around. That’s the best kind of social dance. I want to start dancing with my friends and I want the rest of my friends to dance around

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What are the two types of social dance? – Center For Social Dance Okemos Michigan
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