What are the rules of dance? – What Is Theatrical Dance

The rules are:

-When you are first moving or trying to move on the dance floor, just keep your eyes on the dance floor.

-Don’t try to move while moving on the dance floor.

-It is okay to move forward while moving on the dance floor, but this won’t be a smooth dance.

-It may be hard to follow the motions, but if you are good, it shouldn’t be a problem.

-If you don’t have any problem, start dancing.

-Don’t forget to use your own judgement and do your own thing…it is ok to move fast in some places or move slow in others.

-Only dance by yourself…you should work with others at the same pace!

-Remember to keep your eyes on the dance floor as the dancer moves and don’t look out of the screen when dancing.

-It takes a lot of practice to dance faster than other people, but as long as you are trying and pushing yourself, it will be easier to get better with these rules and start getting good.

-If you are having a hard time in any of the dances, practice that area a little, practice a little more, and practice a little more, and then you will go faster.

-Do not practice your dance until you are comfortable dancing it.

-Do not practice a slow dance if you want to dance quickly.

-Learn to make the right choices!

-Always think that whatever you do on the dance floor has consequences, so if you are doing a wrong thing you can learn from that and be a better dancer.

-Learn from others and make the choices that you can follow them.

-Practice dance! Try to find a dancer that you like and try some tips like “do this better” or “do that worse” or “take this step back” or “don’t hold back” or “slow down” or “slow down a little”.

-Keep in mind that your mistakes are always part of getting better!!! It is ok to dance to someone that is doing a slower dance for example, but you are still dancing and should remain calm.

-Always have fun, never get frustrated, don’t lose motivation…and don’t forget to keep moving.

-Keep your eye on the floor and if you can’t keep your eyes on the floor, take off your shoes and turn

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What are the rules of dance? – What Is Theatrical Dance
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