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Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Trump used his own money for his campaign, so he should use this

Donald Trump has become the first major-party presidential candidate in modern times to use personal money to pay for his campaign.

The US publication Politico reports Mr Trump’s campaign used personal funds raised in a “gigantic” $4.5m (£3.6m) fundraising drive.

He then sent the cash – about $400,000, per the report – to his own campaign, using a legal loophole. The payment was made to his campaign in March.

Presidential candidates and parties are required by law to publicly report any contributions of more than $2,700. Any candidate who fails to do so has to pay an $8,200 fine.

The Trump campaign said in a statement it used the personal funds to pay for the campaign’s payroll, voter registration lists, field staff, and other services.
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In that way, the Trump campaign disclosed the funds’ use for “political purposes” to the Federal Election Commission.

The campaign says the contributions are in compliance with federal election laws and the FEC’s “maximum amount allowed per candidate for a political campaign is $2,700”, Politico said.

The campaign has not commented on the specifics of its contribution to Mr Trump’s campaign.

Mr Trump has previously used his own money to fund his campaign, but has not released the information because he said in March he would like to release his tax returns.

By: Nick Corcodilos

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What are the names of hip hop dance moves? – Social Dance Lessons Houston Tx Obituaries Death
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