What are the dance etiquette in social dancing? – Viva Social Dance Studio

1-4 people

We meet 1 at the front door on the way to dance.

A: We have a group hug at the beginning. There is a “no kisses” policy at dance.

B: If more than 4 people are in the room in a group, we don’t hug.

C: If more than 4 people are in a group, our standard behavior is a group hug.

D: This is the time for dancing. There is a time to dance when 1-4 people come to the front door. We walk across the room to meet them, and then we dance. You must be there, but you can sit with your friends.

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E: If more than 4 people are dancing, we dance on a “no kissing” policy.

F: The dance floor is for dancing.

G: When we have to dance, we dance in pairs.

H: We do this in private for people at the door (2), and in public for everyone else.

J: Only if everyone is not in a group, we do a one-to-one dance.

K: We dance for fun in a circle.

L: We do this to create a safe space after the dance for new dancers. A simple hug is okay; a simple kiss is okay; a hug and dance is more than okay.

How do I get my dance license?

What is an approval letter from the dance board?

The dance board will send a letter to you at least 30 days before the show. You will need to sign it or return it. It is good if the letter states the date, time, and that you understand that the event will have people from all over the world dancing. The letter will also state that you need to be in the room with your band and all of your crew. You will need to pick people up and drop them off at the location.

Is there a fee for a dance license?

No, there is no charge if you are 21 or older. There is however, a $5 fee to join the Dance Crew or the New Crew (to the same level).

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What are the dance etiquette in social dancing? – Viva Social Dance Studio
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