What are the dance etiquette in social dancing? – Types Of Dancing Classes

You can find the right dance etiquette for whatever type of social dance you are in. In American social dances you usually dance in pairs or even in a group: men and women in a circle, couples in a circle, or with people in the middle of the dance. In traditional Chinese dances you usually dance in pairs, but there are others in which you dance in groups.

There are two main forms: formal and informal. In formal dances, people do a certain number of steps to the music, while in informal dances they do not do any steps. However, they all do the same thing: dance.

To get an idea of just what social dancing looks like in Chinese or other customs from different traditions, here are some examples of Chinese dance music and dance steps (see video or listen to a recording below).

Examples of dance music to dance in Chinese social dances

(Video of dance music)

Examples of dance steps to dance in formal, informal Chinese dance.

(Video of dance steps)

Example of step in “Kung Fu Dance” for “Little Miss Ching” – a traditional Chinese dance in which both the male and female voices are heard.






Welcome Dance 2016 : Annual Function of Stepping Stone ...


Video of dance music to dance in formal social dances.

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What are the dance etiquette in social dancing? – Types Of Dancing Classes
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