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If social dance isn’t an option or not the right thing for you, then why should anyone else have to deal with it? The benefit of social dancing is that it gets you moving and dancing with your friends more often! It is a great way to socialise with your mates when you are feeling like you’re not being yourself. And sometimes even when you are being your best.

You can take a break in between shows. Have some time before a show or a special event and go to your favourite music venue or just get some quiet moments with your friends.

You can enjoy some of the local food or drink for free at most clubs. It’s fun to bring your friends, but keep out of the way and just enjoy yourselves.

We all love to dance, but not too much!

When people ask us how much of a social dancer we are, we all cringe at being asked this question. It’s not very fun and quite a lot of people don’t want to be a part of it, but we all love to dance and have a good time! People love the music, the dancers, the crowds and the excitement of social dancing.

It’s not all just about dancing your heart out and taking everyone’s attention, which is totally fine if you just want to try out a few dance moves, just don’t forget to mention you are a social dancer on every gig or performance – it will never hurt anyone.

How many friends can you bring to a social dance show?

I don’t think it would make much difference. What you get out of dance clubbing, aside from dancing with your friends – is free admission to the venue – so if you have a group of friends, you will always be having a great time if you have a show or special evening planned!

If you do take a group of friends though then you will certainly want to bring a mat, dance shoes, comfortable shoes and comfortable clothing – even if you are not going to be at the same show as the group. Because everyone will be trying to get as much attention (as well as having lots of fun with each other) from the stage before your friends arrive so you want to have just the right outfit to suit your group. And don’t forget your ID, just in case someone needs a piece of paper from you so he can enter the venue and pay for your drinks!

If I choose to dance, how much can I cost?

Unless you are

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What are the benefits of social dance? – Center For Social Dance Lansing Mi Restaurants Downtown
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