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They allow musicians to mix up their tracks live for the first time in a studio. The new Mixin Live and Live Live DSP 2.0 will allow producers to mix up their tracks, including the ability to set up a stereo band with an audio engineer to create a virtual band with all acoustic instruments at the same time.

More importantly, Mixin Live and Live Live DSP 2.0 introduces a new live playback feature, which allows musicians to connect a MIDI keyboard directly into their instruments, eliminating the need for a separate MIDI keyboard controller.

Why use Mixin Live and Live Live DSP 1.2?

Before Mixin Live and Live Live DSP 1.2, you’d need to use an external MIDI interface, such as an M-Audio Mixer II, which can only output audio to your instrument. The Mixer II’s remote control interface lets you connect MIDI controllers, which you can then configure to playback MIDI messages from your selected instruments or effects units. The Mixer II has a variety of different configurations, including a four-port MIDI interface, a three-port MIDI interface and a single-port MIDI interface in addition to 4-port MIDI ports that let players connect their controllers to your computer.

The M-Audio Mixer II is a high-end DJ mixer that gives DJs the tools to take control of their tracks and let their fans join in.

It also has a powerful remote control interface to connect MIDI controllers, allowing each instrument to be controlled with a MIDI message sent from one instrument in the Mixer II to another instrument in the controller. This allows for players to move the instrument from one position on the keyboard to another or even to mix two instruments with one MIDI message.
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This is all great for making sure a specific part of a song goes on track, for example, a drum loop, but you can set up the drum loops in a particular order in a drum machine or any other sequencer. If you put some drum loops in their proper places, you can move their tracks into position one after another, and you don’t even need to take an extra track and put them next to each other on its own separate track.

What is the difference between Mixin Live and Live Live 1.2?

To put it simply, Live Live 1.2 introduces the MIDI Interface to mix up and connect your instrument or effects with your voice in a way you haven’t seen before – and on a massive scale.

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What are the benefits of dance mixers? – Social Dance Studio Portland Oregon
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