What are the benefits of dance mixers? – Social Dance Examples In The Philippines

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1. Do you need to change your dance style to perform the mix on the dance floor? Of course not! You can mix with whatever music you like and still be on time! It’s so important to know music preferences and listen to what you like, so you’ll be able to set up your playlist when you’re practicing so you can stay flexible. Of course, it’s important to mix with music you find in stores or music videos, so you’ll be ready to dance when people are dancing.

2. Do you like to keep things “light? If light is your forte, then this is a great choice for you! Because there’s such a great variety of dance mixes in stores and on YouTube, it will be so easy to pick any song you like and try that one out. It could be anything from chill out to hip hop, so you can use it as your base.

3. You can work out more moves and styles with your dance music. Many dance mixers work only one style at a time, or practice only a few styles on their first dance night. Because you can adjust your dance moves with your soundtrack, your dance game will get a massive boost and you can use that music to practice your dance moves over and over. You can also mix at a pace where you can start practicing your own original dances while dancing your friend’s dance tracks in a set, and then the dancing can continue on and on without you and your partner getting bored.

4. It’s easier to get up and dance with your music when you play with the beat! When you play a dance mix, you can get a great workout because you can play by ear from beginning to end and dance along with the beat the way you like it. If you like rap/hip hop the easiest way to get up and dance is by using that track. If you’re not hip hop, that’s a great way to get the workout. If your dance is just chill to mellow out, then you can do a mix where you only practice hip hop and you know the beat by heart, so you get a great workout with your tracks that way too.

5. You can do a lot of stuff with just your music. Just because you can’t sing or play instruments when you do a dance mix, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do a lot with just your own music! You can play it like you would dance around the house or try using

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What are the benefits of dance mixers? – Social Dance Examples In The Philippines
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