What are the aspects of dance etiquette? – Center For Social Dance Schedule 2020 World Series

Dance etiquette is a set of norms, guidelines, and rules that govern the interaction of both male and female dancers. Among them is the acceptance of female gender roles.

Male and female dancers must learn those rules so they are able to perform and perform well at all levels of dance, from beginners to advanced. When someone sees that a male and female dancer are performing in the same scene in a different manner and/or on their own, they will ask the male and female who made the decision to stay or leave what the reason was.[2]

Dancing style

Dancers’ styles of dancing can provide insights into their gender identity and its interaction or differences from the norms of the dance community.

“Dancing,” “dance style,” and “pony dance”[3]

Most styles of pony dancing are female-dominated or at least have strong feminine characteristics, such as dance steps, and have elements of gendered and sexualizing elements.

Some styles tend to have more masculine elements, such as the bop, the “shag” which involves the dancer spinning around with their body, or the “lope.”[4]

Male-dominated dance

Some male-dominated dance styles are more masculine and tend to have more expressive elements while at the same time are more sexually explicit.

Some male-dominated dances may be stereotyped as having elements of dancing with a female partner. However, the elements that they have can be stereotyped to be sexual in nature. Such dances include the lope, a popular dance developed by male dancers in the United States based on the American folk style called the bop. Male-dominated dances typically have elements of female dancing, but are male-led and may be stereotyped to have elements of female music.

For example, the “trot” style is often stereotyped to be a male-dominated dance style for all males.

Other male-dominated styles may be feminine and have elements of masculine dance, such as the “pinte” (tosses up and down) dance style created by the female dancers in the American Ballet Theatre Company. Other dances may have elements that are male dominated, but do not have stereotyped masculine characteristics or elements.

Male-dominated style may not be stereotyped by “trot dance” or “trot dance” as they may or may not have elements of a female dance.

Male-dominated dance can be stereotyped

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What are the aspects of dance etiquette? – Center For Social Dance Schedule 2020 World Series
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