What are the 4 types of social dance? – Importance Of Social Dance

1. Bands.

There are many different ways of forming bands but in these groups, the songs come straight from the heart.

This is the case with the band that formed at the dance.

The songs are inspired by the time, place, mood and vibe. They are not songs that just have the beat, guitar and vocals.

2. Social dance.

This sounds like an old school word but I think it really applies.

Everyone dances to the music and share the spirit of the group with everyone else in the group. If you listen to the band for more than a few minutes, you know that it’s because everyone involved.

This is the group that I see in my classes and it’s because of this that I think there is a lot to learn from the social dance.

3. Solo dancing.

The idea behind solo dancing is that your main focus is singing and dancing.

There are many forms of solos but I like to think of them as “musical moments”.

When you know what the melody/chiptune is, the song doesn’t have to mean anything by it’s lyrics.

So, as a solo dancer, the melody or the chiptune has become just a musical phrase for your body and your hands.

When you sing or dance to it, we are no longer performing a piece in front of you because we are simply experiencing your body and singing your part.

You could even say it’s playing a musical instrument!

If the song is too deep, you will find yourself singing to a song that doesn’t make any sense and you can’t understand the lyrics.

To avoid this I like to go into the song, sing them, and then dance when I’m at the moment you want to sing!

When you find the song that makes sense and is what you want to say, sing it and dance around your body.

This is much more natural than when you listen to the music and are not aware of your dancing.

The solo dancer will go right to the song and sing his part and I love this moment because I’m really singing along.

I like that the other musician is enjoying his/her time singing something and my body is doing the same.

4. Rhythm dance

This is the perfect social dance. It uses rhythm to make each phrase and each time you dance to the rhythm it

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What are the 4 types of social dance? – Importance Of Social Dance
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