What are the 10 dances? – Classification Of Social Dance

It’s pretty funny, because when I was doing The Late Show in 1999, they asked for the top 10 of each season and it was the same 10 dances as last year. So in that sense, The Late Show is my favorite season ever. So here is my list of the 10 dances of the late 70’s.

10. The Hunchback (Jimmy Fallon) I like this one, but Jimmy Fallon has been doing it since ’80s and The Hunchback was the first dance, so no one really got tired of it. I don’t know why, but I find when Jimmy Fallon dances it, he’s dancing it much faster and less smoothly than any of the other people on the dance floor.

9. The Hunchback (Stephen Colbert) The other dance of the late 70’s was the Hunchback. I remember watching that one and thinking it was so sexy. After you see it, you’ll realize that it’s so hot and you want to feel that same feeling.

8. The Hunchback (Jimmy Fallon) The first of the original shows to be on television was The Hunchback on NBC and the first of the shows to be on television was The Hunchback, as it has been on for the longest time.

7. The Hunchback (Jimmy Fallon) People have said that, for a long time, the dancers of The Hunchback were the best thing going on a late night show. This was true back in the 80’s, so it makes sense that people continue to be impressed by them.

6. The Hunchback (Jerry Springer) This one is a classic as it started the show as an early one in New York.

5. The Hunchback (Jimmy Fallon) Even though I only remember those dancing and not the music, it feels like I’m going on another show every night of The Hunchback’s existence.

4. The Hunchback (Jimmy Fallon) I’m going to have to keep it a secret, so I’ll just say that every time I watch this show, I still feel like I’m seeing someone else on television.

3. The Hunchback (Jimmy Fallon) The best thing to listen to when you are going to The Hunchback is the dance routines. If you remember the ’70’s version of this show, you remember the routines in the dance and rhythm section. That’s why this show is so loved.

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What are the 10 dances? – Classification Of Social Dance
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