What are social dances and dance mixers? – What Is Social Dance Definition Wikipedia

The term dances (and mixers) refer to a dance as well as the specific types of dances, in particular the different types of dance mixers or rhythms that you may see. You don’t need a dance background or dance background dance mixers are a part of the traditional music, dance, and arts education programmes.

Do I need a dance background to learn to dance?

No. A degree in dance or music education will allow you to perform traditional dance music or dance routines and dance mixes, while the practical skills they teach will allow you to dance with any partner. Most of the music and dance schools offer a dance background for children as young as 5.

As for mixing a dance you should know your dances and have been to any dance school in the city to practice. There are a number of dance mixing sites in Edinburgh that teach new graduates how to mix (including here at the university). If you know your dances and are just starting to practice dance, then you can find a dancing mixer instructor that will be good for your own learning.

I need a dance background to dance in a club!

If you want to dance in a nightclub or party, don’t bother with dance backgrounds. A dance background is useless to you; at club nights it can be very difficult to find dancing mixers, especially if the club is large. We can offer a dance background for club and bar dancers as well as to people who wish to have a dance background on their own.

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What are social dances and dance mixers? – What Is Social Dance Definition Wikipedia
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