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This was one of many discussions I found myself having as a listener of L’Arc. I’m not one that has really done much listening of hip hop before (or indeed, ever). So while the show might not hold a great deal of interest for me, it is a good listen, and I’d put it alongside some of the more interesting music I listened to on the platform. At the same time though, I never really got into the hip hop subgenre that much (although I have loved some of the more recent acts – Dizzee Rascal & his ilk probably being the most prominent example). Even though the show doesn’t really really offer a lot, it’s quite engaging. It’s obviously not the best hip hop show for hip hop listeners, but it might be of some interest to artists wanting to get out there on their own.

L’Arc was produced by John Hillerman, who had previously worked with DJ Zebra on his radio show (with John Hillerman also producing the show themselves). John’s music is quite a lot of things, and one of them is DJing. John has produced over 500 shows in the last 9 years, over 250 of them were for L’Arc – with the other 500 being live/podcast shows that were not part of L’Arc, and thus also not on the ‘album. With regards to the show itself – it’s a very well produced, quite well produced show with a fairly solid mix of music, from rap, to soul, to dance and more that it tries to do a fair amount to. John has quite a lot of experience in bringing up this kind of music, so some of the stuff is not for the faint hearted (although not at all unpleasant), but it’s not as if this is an arena of music that most people want to hear – which is perhaps why the majority of listeners are looking for a hip hop show that focuses on a variety of genres, rather than just one, and which doesn’t have a focus on rapping in any way (whether that’s because rappers have always been a bit overused in these shows, or because hip hop music and/or culture has moved away from rapping in recent years).

It’s one of those shows where you can’t tell how good it is – it just has that ‘I wish more people would have listened to this show’ feel, which makes it an interesting listen for me. It’s certainly a lot of fun – you can see all the elements that John

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Is hip hop a social dance? – Social Dance Tv Instagram
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