Is hip hop a social dance? – Selectively Social Meaning In Urdu

If you want to be a part of it, or just look at some tracks that represent some of the best lyrics ever from the genre, then you need to listen to “We The Best,” “Hip Hop Is For Everybody,” “We The Best,” “Can’t Keep It Down,” “The B.I.G,” and “Bully’s Back.” It’s hip hop, people!

A number of people sent me links to these excellent posts from Peter Boghossian, who at CNet summarizes the findings of a survey to find the most popular websites for people to visit: a list of the best online content for people to enjoy, according to them. I’ve already gone into more depth ( here and here ) and thought I would also do a post about the best social networking sites for those looking to build a good online social network.

As a side note, I’m a big fan of Mark Greene’s blog, What I Read, What I Think, and have often thought how wonderful it is to have a list of the best news sites out there. It’s the kind of information that most of us will have little time to read on a day-to-day basis, yet I think it’s useful information to have. So I’m thrilled to see that the list he’s posted is getting such fantastic traffic.

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There are several things you will find in these sites and this study to find out how successful people are at building online social networks. But first, here’s the important table that you need to make:

NumberOfSignins (number of people on a site) NumberOfSignonUsers AverageUniqueVisitRate AveragePageviews per Unique Visitors AverageUniqueVisits per Unique Visitors NumberOf Signons*

Total Number of signons*

Total Number of signons*

Total Unique Visitors* Total Unique Visitors* NumberOf Signons* %Unique Visitors *Number Of Signons = Average Unique Visitors.

It’s clear from the analysis that the most popular sites among those on the list are Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger. The reason these are most likely the most popular sites for people is the fact that it’s pretty difficult to build anything like a “professional online social network” for people that don’t want a personal website or Facebook page.

So one way to build a successful online social network is not to build a whole personal website or social networking site. It might be that this kind of approach simply isn’t the way you

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Is hip hop a social dance? – Selectively Social Meaning In Urdu
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