Is ballet a social dance? – History Of Social Dance Ballroom Background Cartoon

Yes, it is. The traditional and progressive dance form is designed to unite the dance and the spectator. The idea that the spectators should be able to dance with the dancers is not an aberration. It is the entire purpose of the dance. And it should also be the goal of choreographers and the way to achieve it.
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Dancers have the right to choose whether or not to express themselves however they want – no matter if it is in the street, on stage, or in the studio. And they have the right to express their individuality too. Dancers can express themselves in the most unconventional ways that we could imagine. You know in all the “new wave” dance, people dance around a big black man that has no shoes on.

Dramatic gestures are not just a way of making the dance louder or dancing faster, they are also a good way to open up the body and open up the whole body, so that the movement is bigger and stronger than the dance. And they are a way to express themselves.

What is ballet’s social value?

If dancers want the audience to take off their shoes for them to dance, that is a freedom that everyone needs. That is why there is nothing wrong with the expression of free dance. It is only when you use the freedom of dancing to make the audience uncomfortable – either you are forced to dance to the background of your music, or you are obliged to dance to the background of the music or to the same background of the music.

If the audience is not aware of the dance being played, that is when we become passive puppets who only think about ourselves. If you want the audience to move and not just to see a moving camera, you have to tell your dancers how to move, what to do and when to do it. It takes a lot of practice and dedication.

This is why it is so important to make sure the “dancing” is always an emotional dance – to make the audience take off their shoes or don’t wear shoes. If it is just about the dance, it is very easy to lose the soul. And if you want the audience to feel it, you must remind them by making the dance emotional too. So it is very important to try that. (But I can’t guarantee anything, as no one can know how difficult it really is to make a move so that it is emotional instead of just purely physical.)

It’s all about the balance between dance and music

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Is ballet a social dance? – History Of Social Dance Ballroom Background Cartoon
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