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By changing people’s perceptions and expectations about themselves.

A new study using brain imaging research has found that dancers and musicians have significantly higher levels of brain blood flow than the rest of us do when they perform a memory recall task. The work, led by Dr. Henglum Wu, an associate professor of psychiatry at the University of California at Irvine, was done by using fMRI brain scans to observe the brain activity of 13 individuals performing a number of complex cognitive tasks.

The scientists found that these brain scans showed that dancers were actively engaged in two different types of memory. One type involves working through, rehearsing, and rehearing a series of stimuli (the “memory rehearsal task”), while the other involves moving between locations (the “location recall task”).

Dancers have been finding themselves challenged by everyday life events and struggles, including having to confront situations from life’s “other side,” such as losing one’s job.

Brain activity during this task appears to improve the people’s ability to remember the details and details and to recall where a subject was.

When asked by Dr. Wu whether dancing could have this effect, the participants’ answers were varied. Several acknowledged that it did help them, without being sure why, while others indicated that it was unlikely that the brain activity correlated with improving their memory. But many thought that their dance or music training helped improve their ability to work through these difficult memories.

The researchers, published in the journal Psychological Science, conclude that learning to have fun, with a positive, joyful tone, is a useful way to improve people’s ability to remember.

“Our results have tremendous implications for how we treat and communicate mental health,” added Dr. Wu. “We believe that learning to dance and music is a more effective way to treat the mentally ill than traditional medications alone would be.”

For more information on Dr. Wu’s research and his work with dance and music, please visit his website.

Source: David I. Seltzer – University of California – Irvine

What is dance?

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How does dance help mental health? – Social Dance Lessons Houston Tx Weather Underground
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