How do guys dance at clubs? – Difference Between Social Dance And Ballroom Dance

Is some guy out there going to just grab me in the back, flip me around, and start dancing? I have seen it happen to a good amount of guys.

What do girls like? I never really found out how girls actually like dancing, just what they like and dislike. I had just been dancing for about a month when, one day I was out and about, and a lady started talking to me from behind. (She was my roommate.) She gave me a wink, smiled at me, a quick wink…in a low and cute voice that you would expect a woman to use for compliments. Then she put her hand on my shoulder, turned around, and started dancing away, a little faster than I was used to, or at least I expected.

I saw her go out the door. As I was walking after her, I caught up to her, and we chatted for a little. I could tell that she was very proud of herself, saying a lot of things that I wasn’t going to hear out of her mouth. Maybe I was too slow, but she seemed confident that I wasn’t trying to steal her from her dance. I don’t think it was because she had seen me dance; I think she saw me being the man that she wanted. It was only after she walked away and I was walking, and we talked about how it feels to be the man, and how I’m still trying to figure out why she gave me that look and didn’t try to make it happen, why I just walked away.

Do you like to tell stories? Yeah, very much so.

How do you think your dancing will affect your dating? I guess it has to do with my confidence level. When I danced, all kinds of people came up to talk to me. (I’m 24, though.)

How can guys find you? You can call me or email me and see if I’m available any time you feel the urge. In a club I would definitely get a nod, and you can always come in, even if it’s after dark.

Have you ever been to a nightclub called ‘Rochester Bitch’? I mean, I’ve been a regular there most Sundays. (The rest of the time we went out on a Tuesday.) I’m really glad I’m out of there. I felt like there were a lot of people there that weren’t really that into the kind of sex I was into, so I had to leave.

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How do guys dance at clubs? – Difference Between Social Dance And Ballroom Dance
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