How dance can help you mentally? – Center For Social Dance Lansing Mi Weather Radar

Mental health is hard – we are constantly being bombarded by messages that put us down – and as a result, we have very short-term self-esteem and poor mental health.

Dance is very good at bringing our inner demons and fears out and away from ourselves in a positive way. This is the secret behind people who achieve great results with dance. By working through our problems internally, the mental benefits of dance are made apparent to us and we feel better.

What about those who aren’t interested in dance?

If you’re not the kind of person who enjoys dancing, it’s okay if you don’t like it! You’re allowed to dance around with your mates with no problem, or you can spend some time in the club dancing with no problem. But there should be a limit to people’s enjoyment as long as it’s for a good reason.

Are there any downsides?

Dancing can add some spice to a day in many ways. By practicing certain techniques for a certain time period of time, you can help increase your tolerance for different moods at the end of the day.

Dancing can bring you closer to people for the first time. You might feel like a kid again and just get out there and have fun. It could give you a new lease on life and your friends could show you the ropes! In all honesty, I have no idea what the downside is! The upside is that dance in bed is a real treat! Don’t try it on your own!

So that’s it. I hope this helps give you a little idea as to how to find your perfect dance partner. If you feel the same or have any suggestions, share in the comments below!


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How dance can help you mentally? – Center For Social Dance Lansing Mi Weather Radar
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