Why is saffron expensive? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Flowers

The traditional wisdom in India is that white saffron is expensive due to scarcity of the spice, and as a result, more expensive spices are used in cooking.

In fact, in the USA most “authentic” saffron is actually white. Some say it comes from India and others say it originates in Indonesia.

White saffron, however, is a natural mineral that was discovered to have extremely low levels of harmful toxic chemicals, which is why it’s considered to be very natural.

However, the price of white saffron is high in India because it’s a rare and difficult to find source for it. Most of it is grown in China which is very expensive for India.

So why do most Indian restaurants and home cooks use white saffron?

Well, white saffron is the ideal spice to add to a number of dishes, in our case, Indian cuisine.

White saffron is the perfect choice for adding some sweetness and spice to savoury dishes such as chapatis, dandelion greens and lentils.

It’s also great for a warming meal to add flavour to the dish. It also makes an excellent garnish to any meal with some cheese or onions.

So what to use for saffron?

Some people use white saffron flakes as a garnish for dishes such as paneer cubes, dal, potatoes, parboiled potatoes and rice, and also to add a bit of colour and complexity to other dishes.

For example, saffron leaves can be added to cauliflower rice with some garam masala. Similarly, saffron is very well used in Thai curry.

What about the benefits of saffron powder?

There are some very interesting benefits to using saffron powder. However, to get to the best result, it must be used with caution, for some people just doesn’t like to eat it.

If it’s not your personal taste, then you can use just a teaspoon each of these ingredients. Then the benefits will be enhanced. These are just a few of the benefits of the white saffron powder.

However, if you want it to have the best flavour, then you should use large quantities, to enjoy the benefits of it. This is more suitable if you are going to spice your food.

In India, it is used in many dishes when using saffron adds

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Why is saffron expensive? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Flowers
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