Which brand saffron is pure? – Planting Saffron Crocus

I know that some of the brands are better than others, but for my money I would suggest that the ones at least have the good stuff on the label. One of my favorite brands of Saffron is Fagor. I tried the “Pure Golden” version first. That version was too bitter for my liking and I thought it could stand out better in the middle of the bowl – but in the end the “Golden” version was my favorite. If you’re wondering how to order a saffron blend from a brand, that’s really simple – you just go see their website, pick their products out and click on the Saffron logo. After that you will receive an email with a link to their store where you can purchase whatever the saffron you want. It is usually $7.95 for this blend. I don’t know what they think about saffron and I don’t know if they will offer its pure version, but for $7 they have to be willing to sell it. I don’t think that the pure saffron would work well in any food you are likely to cook with it because it tends to be pretty bitter. I would much rather cook with it as a garnish on a grilled dish, a dipping sauce on noodles, or a garnish for pizza. I have an old recipe I used to make that is based on Saffron-scented saffron oil. It is very simple, and can be really tasty too. Note: When I first ordered saffron from this website, all the blends (except Fegor) were listed under “Saffron”, but after I bought their “Pure Gold” I realized something. I got a copy of the ingredients list and it seems they have a different sort of saffron than it looks (on the label). I called, and they said that they weren’t really sure what their actual saffron is. They sent me a copy of what they thought it was and it doesn’t look anything like what they gave me. I am very puzzled by this. How can these people possibly think that the saffron they sell is the same saffron as the one I got from their website? I would prefer the pure saffron. What could it possibly be? Please advise and I will get back to you as to whether I should order more pure saffron or not. 🙂 Happy eating!
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I am also wondering about the difference between saffron and fennel.

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Which brand saffron is pure? – Planting Saffron Crocus
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