What is the highest quality saffron? – Growing Saffron In Washington State

One that is fresh, bright and pure, and that is of a dark colour at least 50 percent pure. We have a long tradition of selling the highest quality saffron, and, of course, we only use the finest, best quality saffron oil when we work with saffron.

How much is a pound of saffron grown? A pound of pure, fresh saffron is usually only worth about 200 US dollars worth of weight, so if you buy a pound and then decide that you want to sell it to someone else, it’s almost certain that you’ll sell less money than when you bought it.

Why is saffron more expensive than the other spices? To answer this, let’s take a deep breath. Some spices are grown in very large quantities, and others grow in very small quantities.

The majority of spices grow in countries like India or Sri Lanka – all over the world – whereas the majority of the world’s saffron comes from places as far away as Morocco and China. (That’s from Wikipedia.)

However, the biggest variety of saffron grown in the world in 2012 was a type which is very rare – the purple variety. The first time I smelled it was one week in June in the mountains of Turkey, at Bursa – the largest city in Turkey.

When a spice or oil is harvested, it’s sent to a place called “dur”, where it’s dried and turned into a finished product. This process – called “durification” – is far more expensive than the process of “curing” the finished spices.

Durification is a rather labor-intensive process. It can take up to 1,000 men working for a long, long time. The process results in the production of millions of pounds of finished saffron, but the result can end up costing thousands of times the amount of money that it would take to purchase the ingredients necessary to make the finished product.

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We don’t make “pure” saffron, because saffron is a spice, not an oil. It costs us more money to extract all these wonderful nutrients out of it, but it’s the same price we put on other spices. We don’t sell “pure” saffron because, in fact, when you buy a pound of it, you can’t tell that it is pure.

We don’t sell the biggest grade of saffron because we don’t sell the

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What is the highest quality saffron? – Growing Saffron In Washington State
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