What is poor man’s saffron? – Saffron Plant Growing Time

It is the aromatic and aromatic compound that gives saffron its colour and flavor. It is produced in a number of different ways, but is most commonly made from plant material.

To make saffron, the plant material is soaked in a certain amount of water, in the case of rosemary the water is added to the flower and then allowed to soak until all water evaporates. Once the water is reduced the rosemary flower is removed from the water until the plant material is removed and then mixed with a little oil. This can be prepared in batches.

The oil used, though it might seem like a good idea, causes the colour of the saffron to be much different. The colour of the final product can be determined by the amount of the oil and the chemical compounds that have been added. The higher the chemical compounds, the golden yellow colour the finished product usually has.

Some people also add a little turmeric to their saffron as well. The turmeric also makes the colour even more pink. It really is that simple.

So if you are wanting a saffron colour that is much different from what you see at the supermarket, go back to the vegetable market and look for a fresh flower. It’s not a hard and fast rule.

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What is poor man’s saffron? – Saffron Plant Growing Time
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