What happens if you eat too much saffron?

Dr. Hirschl says saffron is the most nutritious spice of all. (Photo: AP)

Saffron has so many health benefits that it should be consumed by everyone, but the amount found in foods may be out of whack. One of those benefits is the health benefits of saffron, which is very rich in antioxidants, natural phytochemicals and dietary fiber. Here’s why:

Saffron contains antioxidants — minerals that help build and repair your body’s cell membranes and repair DNA damage.

“Vitsas (vitamins A, C and E) are found in saffron,” says Dr. Hirschl. “A combination of these two helps protect against heart disease, as well as other conditions, including cancer.”

Saffron also can help prevent cancer by reducing inflammation, which causes most blood cancers.

Why do you need to eat saffron to live a long and healthy life?

Saffron has many health benefits, including many in the antioxidant category, including:

Antioxidants: One study found that saffron has the highest level of antioxidants of all of the herbs tested, with up to 50 percent higher levels than garlic, which also contains about 1,000 times as much of antioxidants as saffron. There are also many different kinds of nutrients found in saffron, which you can find in the article Sauces, Seasonings and Foods You Should Eat Before, During and After a Marathon.

Fiber: According to the National Cancer Institute, saffron can boost your levels of beneficial enzymes.

Vitamins: According to the Department of Energy, vitamins A, C and E help your body absorb vitamin D, which is critical for vision and skin health.

Alcohol and drugs: One study found that alcohol causes damage and inflammation throughout the body.

Oral contraceptives: One study found that women who eat saffron supplements before they get pregnant are more likely to be able to get pregnant after they get pregnant. This study was conducted in South Africa, where smoking and lack of exercise often lead to poor pregnancy and childbirth outcomes.

Other health benefits include the ability to heal broken bones in bone marrow, as well as improving cardiovascular health, and providing you with a long and healthy life, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Why are some people allergic to saffron?

People may have severe allergies to sesame seeds

What happens if you eat too much saffron?
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