Is saffron yellow? – Saffron Growing Time

Growing Saffron Hydroponically

Do saffron coloured foods have a better taste than un-saffron coloured foods?


How does sesame oil affect digestion?

Sesame, by removing the flavour of other oils, keeps your digestive tract clean. Sesame oil reduces the effect of stomach acid, helps your bowels clear, and lowers the acidity of your stomach. Sesame oil can help you lose weight.

What is the best way to prepare saffron?

Make a tea with one teaspoon of sesame oil mixed with one cup of water. Use it to rinse out your mouth.

Do people find that their hair loses its colour or falls out?


If I am having a bad flu or I have a cold and my hair is falling out do I use saffron? If so how many times?

Once a year. To prevent hair loss, you must use a moisturiser (rinse) twice a week!

How do saffron roots keep growing after they have dried?

Saffron is not a plant that can easily keep growing, so it will grow only a couple of inches after it is dried, or a few inches if not washed.

How long do I keep my hands clean after having eaten saffron?

Clean your hands by rubbing them with warm water until they have a clear coating.

What colour can saffron be?

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Is saffron yellow? – Saffron Growing Time
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