Is saffron a hallucinogenic? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Seed Ministries

A: No, saffron is neither a psychedelic nor a hallucinogenic. It is, however, an astringent, a medicinal and a dye, and it is most often used as a dye to the leaves of the saffron plant. It is used in some folk remedies, as an astringent, dyes and colorants. In the Middle Ages it appears that it was used to keep the blood from clotting and to stop tooth decay, but I have no information to support such an claim. It does not appear that the plant itself is known to cause disease, or to have any negative consequences, but it is generally used to prevent the formation of blackheads and to prevent growth of black spots in the body.[1] In Europe the practice of using dyes such as saffron was called “dyeing” and involved the use of the leaves and seeds of the plant. In the West, however, it is regarded by the general public as a non-psychoactive hallucinogenic.[1] It has not, however, been proven that it does not cause the hallucinations of its name. Some anecdotal reports exist of people who have been cured by the use of saffron.

Q: What is saffron dye?

A: Saffron dye, in its most generic and generic-ish form, is a yellow pigment that is often applied to the surface of clothes, curtains and curtains of bedding materials. Saffron dye does not have any therapeutic or religious properties, or to the extent that it may cause any negative consequences. That said, one could use it on the body, either externally or internally if one intends to use saffron as a coloring agent. There are several companies in India who make large quantities of saffron dye. One such company is Agri-Supplies, Limited, which manufactures dyes consisting of the dried green saffron in separate tubes. There is also a large scale production of saffron dye made from the leaves and seeds of the saffron plant, sold by a number of companies. Most of these dyes are manufactured using a solvent, which is water. But in many cases both the solvent and the oil and water used in the manufacture of a dye are in alcohol.[2]

Q: What about russia?

A: Saffron is used in the Eastern European country of Russland. As in most countries of Eastern Europe which use saffron dye for

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Is saffron a hallucinogenic? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Seed Ministries
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