Is Iranian saffron illegal? – Saffron In Vermont

Yes. But it’s being exported. In Iran, saffron is considered to be a good thing, and that’s what it is. But the importation of saffron in Iran is illegal.

Some American officials have suggested that the reason why the State Department prohibits the import and export of saffron in the US in the future is to make an example of the Islamic republic. And we know from their previous history with saffron that they’re not afraid to do things like that. Why wouldn’t they?

Well it’s a funny thing. They do it in China. It’s illegal. There’s a certain political cost that’s imposed by doing it in the US. But it’s not about being politically correct. That would only be an excuse. It’s about the political cost in terms of, “Why can’t we get rid of the symbol that’s going to offend everyone in Iran and put it somewhere else.” That way we can control and restrict their market in the US.

And if Iran wants to make saffron again, why does the State Department not do anything about it?

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Why wouldn’t they make saffron? There is no law that says Iran doesn’t make saffron.

I’m very curious why US officials don’t like to talk about it, even when it is an issue – which it has been – so they can’t hide it from the American people. Even though they can, as is the case in other countries, they can’t.

I think that’s an understandable reaction. Especially since the saffron trade is now going into reverse. I’m afraid that the situation around Iran’s saffron exports to the US has gotten so bad that the administration is being very careful not to go out in the press, and this is something they’re worried about.

Is there more to the problem?

Some people are just so focused on the issue of Iran that they don’t realize that the country’s agricultural sector has been so damaged by sanctions, and many of its saffron farmers could lose their livelihoods if sanctions go away, as well.

But then as a society we have a difficult choice. We need to decide where we want to go and what economic policy is going to be appropriate for the United States and other countries. The fact of the matter is that many people in the US want to buy Iranian saffron. Not as the only commodity, but just the most popular

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Is Iranian saffron illegal? – Saffron In Vermont
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