In which season Saffron is grown? – Saffron Flower Season

A federal judge has ruled that a woman cannot face charges over a deadly 2006 accident in which her teenage son died.

In a 2–1 decision issued Thursday afternoon, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Moniz made clear that the driver in that case, Jody Leach, was not able to make a decision about whether to criminally prosecute Leach for the death of a 15-year-old in Florida. The case brought forth a slew of questions, including whether prosecutors can charge a driver with vehicular homicide even when they have no intention of filing a criminal complaint.

“What this case does not tell us is whether Jody Leach had a ‘conscious’ or ‘conscious’, ‘intention’ or ‘intentional’ state of mind as to the death of (her 15-year-old son),” wrote Moniz. “If she was not guilty of vehicular manslaughter – a lesser offense and not subject to the death penalty – but rather charged because of some other, seemingly less serious, action, then the decision whether to press charges will also matter.”

Leach has been charged with vehicular homicide for allegedly leaving the scene of an accident last summer in which her vehicle struck and killed a 15-year-old boy, Antonio Nardo. She pleaded not guilty last December and has until Oct. 18 to plead the charge or enter a plea of not guilty in the second degree.

Jody Leach, who has an extensive criminal record for traffic offenses, has been working as a substitute educator in an education program. She is scheduled to begin teaching this fall at the New Castle County School of Community and Technical Education.

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In which season Saffron is grown? – Saffron Flower Season
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