How much is a pound of saffron? – White Saffron Crocus

If it costs £400 to buy, or $5,000 to produce, it must cost someone €350, or $7,500, to produce. This is a much more accurate estimate of the cost of a gram of saffron that will be sold in Britain because it doesn’t account for the import duty imposed on imported saffron in Ireland ($250), or for the additional VAT that is charged on saffron products in France ($12.50 per gram). The price of saffron in the UK is calculated based on the current wholesale price of saffron, plus VAT.

Saffron is the traditional Indian spice of choice to the Hindus, and is still widely used in many recipes. Saffron-colored flowers are considered sacred and are kept in jars, especially in Hindu temples. In modern kitchens, saffron is commonly used in many dishes – especially in the curries of India.

Here are the best ways to cook with saffron:

1. Raw: Saffron is naturally colorless and fragrant, so it gives delicious flavors to a bowl of vegetables, especially raw carrots and peas. When mixed with butter and spices, Saffron will make a very delicious sauce made in an instant and as the sauce dries, saffron color will fade. Serve warm or cool.

2. Hot and Saffron Filled: This is a popular recipe at Indian restaurants from the Middle East, where they add saffron to the heat of the food, then sprinkle the food with saffron. Many chefs will add saffron to the pot of soup and then add some saffron bread as is often the case with saffron-infused salads. The saffron bread helps to round out the flavors, making it very easy to enjoy the saffron in the dish.

3. Salted: For this delicious saffron-scented dish, saffron would be the key ingredient. The trick to this saffron dressing is to add the saffron to your recipe early and at just the right time. First make the mustard: in a small bowl, combine 4 tablespoons vinegar, 3 tablespoons olive oil, salt, a few tablespoons lemon juice, 1 teaspoon lemon zest, a generous sprinkling of sugar and 3-4 teaspoons of the salt from a jar with the saffron seeds. Let that soak while you prep your other ingredients. Then pour the hot mustard on top

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How much is a pound of saffron? – White Saffron Crocus
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