Can we drink saffron milk daily? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Aquarium

He says yes, and he says he hasn’t seen the health benefits to his health from drinking it.
I don’t drink saffron milk because of health reasons, however. I have found that while saffron milk, in general tastes good, there is something a bit off about the tang-y, vinegary taste of this dairy product. (Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as milk.) It has a mild, refreshing sourness to it, so it’s not unpleasant as some would describe it–more like an herbal tea.
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Some say that one should not drink saffron milk at all, and I agree with them, because it is a highly potent poison, and one shouldn’t drink it. However, the other day, I went out for a late lunch to eat with some close friends and ordered a glass of saffron milk. As soon as I got home, I was extremely sick , suffering from mild diarrhea (which I would have experienced even before I got home by drinking saffron milk), nausea, abdominal pain, and fatigue. The symptoms persisted for the first half of the afternoon, but gradually improved, and by the fifth hour of eating my first piece of fresh fruit and vegetables, my mood was good, and I was back to my normal self-tongued state. I was also able to get some relief from my aches and pains. I’ve also told my boyfriend and his wife of his experience with saffron, and they have told me the same thing.
My biggest take away from my experience? Don’t let a person’s beliefs dictate how you should live your life. If your friend says that he/she can’t do something for you because it can possibly be dangerous or harmful, don’t let them stop you from doing it. If they tell you you are going to have a really bad reaction to drinking a small sip of saffron, don’t let it stop you. You would be wise to ignore their claims.
If you have any tips for a successful saffron milk diet, please post them in a comment or a comment below so that others can benefit from them! I hope you enjoy this blogpost and that you find it helpful as your journey continues!
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Can we drink saffron milk daily? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Aquarium
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