Can I grow saffron at home? – White Saffron Crocus

Yes. Saffron is very low in calories and has excellent vitamins. Some people like to grow some of their own but most will do their best to grow it at home. In addition you can also make saffron oils, as it is a good source of vitamin A, the most antioxidant ingredient in the plant.

The best time to grow saffron is during spring and summer for its beautiful golden colors. During spring, saffron flowers are abundant and can be seen in many of the garden areas around you. At other times, summertime can bring much less flower activity. During times of drought, saffron flowers can be seen in flowerpots, but generally it is best to harvest only the seed pods and leave the rest of the plant alive.
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There are about 200 types of saffron. Each variety is different in appearance and in flavor; however the taste of the seeds will be the same no matter where the saffron plant grows year-round.

What happens to saffron once it blooms?

Once seeds reach the ground, the seeds will take on a red hue that will last for about 2 to 3 days. After this time passes the plant will become quite tender and will turn green. Seed pods will fall off the plant, allowing the young saffron plant to grow freely. Once the young saffron plant reaches about 1 foot tall, it will mature into a beautiful, golden saffron flower. It will have the same fragrance as a fresh saffron.

What is saffron oil?

Saffron oil is a mixture of seeds and other oil ingredients which is made into a paste by heating the mixture over a low heat in a pot. Saffron oil can be eaten for the health benefits it contains, or mixed into food for its flavor. Saffron oil can be obtained at any pharmacy that sells the products listed here.

Saffron oil is also available as a nutritional supplement. There are many other ingredients in saffron oil, which can alter its color in different ways. Different parts of the plant can impart color to the oil without having a significant impact, so you can determine what type of color you are going for. For example, a green-based oil might be less visible then a red ones.

There are also additives found in saffron oil which can produce color of various kinds. For example, green colorants in the oil can help to brighten

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Can I grow saffron at home? – White Saffron Crocus
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