Why is pole dancing attractive? – Black Women Pole Dancers Youtube

How do you even begin to explain that? I’ve never been able to wrap my head around it myself.

“It’s quite fun,” says Lenny. “It’s exciting. It’s not like being a professional athlete or being a model or even any kind of entertainment, so it’s just a kind of a way to meet people and have something fun to do with friends. And in some ways it’s a very comfortable environment for an individual to be and to do. It’s more family-like and it’s more about enjoying yourself than anything else.”

Lenny was already a fitness fan when he first heard of pole dancing. Since he and his wife had a little boy, Lenny and Lenny’s girlfriend both began pole dancing. By the time Lenny began working part-time in the area, it was the closest thing to a job he had, so pole dancing was a natural fit. After a year and a half, he started moving up, and was soon booked for some of the biggest shows in the country. Lenny’s schedule is full, and there is never any shortage of guests for his shows.

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Lenny’s most successful gig ever was in 2011 when the world saw him go on stage (and dance) in a performance of “What’s My Line At The End Of The World?” at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in New York. In the video, Lenny, then wearing a white suit and a red cape, dances across the stage with his hands over his belly. Lenny doesn’t appear to have a particularly large belly, but he looked strong and cool.

When asked whether he does any pole on stage, Lenny’s answer wasn’t what I’m planning to hear. “I don’t, really,” he says. “I try, but it’s tough sometimes.”

Then after taking a second to ponder that, Lenny suddenly looks a little more confident. “Oh yeah,” he says. “I think there’s a pole in every nook and cranny of this body, and you just have to find it. But that isn’t why you do it.” He grins broadly. “People don’t get it. They think it’s a circus.”

Lenny loves pole dancing. Why? Well, mainly, he likes dancing. It’s something he has been doing for 15 years now, and he says it’s a great way to make friends.

But it gets him into awkward situations, such as when he

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Why is pole dancing attractive? – Black Women Pole Dancers Youtube
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