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The main cause of the problem is the fact that pole dancing is a high-risk activity. As a professional pole dancer, I know that my pole dancing height is 5′ 1″. Most of my competitors (and the trainers of my competitors) would agree with that, I’m tall as well.

Some clubs have started enforcing this rule when the height of the performers is measured. I know of two clubs in the US that do this. Most dancers are taller than this. You can find a more full comparison here on The Pole Dance Wiki.

So, what about your hips?

Well, the hips are not a part of the dancers shoes (or boots or leggings) or belts and I’m not going to even go there. I’m assuming that your hips are not as flexible as the dancer and therefore the dancer may be able to do less. In my opinion, the dancers hip may be a weak link in their dance routines and if your legs are stretched out with all the weight on the hips, the hips may start to bend and your hips (and lower back/spine area) can take a beating. This will result in reduced performance.

As a dancer, I can say that if you can bend your hips and lower back then your hips are a strong member in your dance. Keep this in mind when you make your decisions regarding where to make any adjustments.

Are pole dancers allowed to wear heels?

In many countries such as Australia, the use of high heels for pole dancing is illegal. It was a great move for many dancers and in some countries is the only acceptable foot/shoe combo. However, pole dancing is an exercise, not a sport (and it’s OK to wear boots) so if you do not make it a sport (and wear high heels – yes, I know, I was a dancer too, but I can’t count on my feet being my best friend) then it really doesn’t make any sense for everyone to use high heels.
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Most people do not want to sacrifice all the benefits of a fun exercise or sport to go through a “joke”. If your feet are already weak, wearing high heels may make you feel like you had to “put up or shut up” when dancing. If you want a better movement then wear a good foot/shoe combo, a good pair of shoes and make it an exercise, not a sport.

To wrap things up:

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Why do pole dancers wear heels? – Pole Dancing Classes Detroit
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