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Who is the best in the rest of sport. I will tell you, you are not going to be able to answer this.”

“So the world is ruled by pole dancers.”

“No, the world is ruled by the best pole dancers. I did an experiment, and I have been trying to get to the bottom of that ever since, so tell me, does anyone ever give a crap about the pole dance?”

One night in the summer of 1988 we watched a documentary about the “Black Panthers” and what they were all about- the struggle for social justice, equality and liberation against the oppression of the state. As we watched this film it became very obvious to us that we were all Black Panther. One man at one point said “that’s not a word, that sounds too cool to use”. Another said “we’re not here to be cool”…. Well, that’s the way it is, people and organizations tend to be so cool and self-assured, sometimes we just miss them.

One night we saw the Black Panthers march down Hollywood Boulevard, a street where the Black Panthers themselves had been arrested. When the Panthers finished with their rally up Hollywood Blvd they were met by a police line that blocked them from approaching their destination. The police started chanting and firing rubber bullets at the Black Panthers, smashing at their cars, beating up on them. The police then began to kill them- at least one Panther was killed after a policeman shot him down with a bullet to the back of the head. At least 25 people were killed that night. The police claimed the Panthers were terrorists, criminals, and drug dealers. I have never felt that to be true, not because they weren’t criminals (I am sure there were some- but I don’t think it was a good business practice) but because I knew better. What’s even more amazing is how many of them ended up on Death Row. The fact that the State would execute people like this and not release them to a home country makes me so angry, but I can’t do anything about it.

One night there was a shooting in Oakland. On that night, the Black Panthers and local Black Power groups all assembled. I was there and was with the Panthers that night, a young man came up to me while we were walking in the park. He just told me, “we need to find them killers.” So, we walked in to try and find them. It looked like they were all in the same area, but there

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Who is the best pole dancer in the world? – Pole Dance Classes Online
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