Where did pole dance originated? – Plus Size Pole Dance Clothes

Did pole dance evolve from ballet?” (Lambert, 2010)

“The first pole dancing was conducted by the French dancer Pierre Boulez. In the late 1940s and 50s, the US popularized the discipline and many famous dancers were born and educated in the US.” (Gardella, 2009)

“The pole dance style developed out of modern ballet and became incorporated into the American scene as a popular musical tradition. In its purest form, it was an American cultural tradition that flourished throughout the 1960s and 1970s.” (Harrison, 2013)

“There is great irony in the fact that in some cultures in which pole dance originated like Balinese dancing, pole dancing is not considered part of the traditional art. But in the US, it became a popular fashion that became popular in dance halls across the land. ” (Harrison, 2013)

“The pole dance movement is a popular one today, not only in many Asian nations and in many ethnic minority groups around the world. Many cultures incorporate this dance, though in a slightly different manner.

For example:

…a dance of the Pueblo Indians in Colorado …a dance that involves the dance’s most basic element, the pole, and involves a series of movements that start and end with both the dancers moving across the floor, sometimes in tandem, and on top of each other. This dance is called quiclinta, an ancient dance.” (Baker, 2013)

“The world of dance has been transformed by the dance. With the advent of the dance, one of the most important, exciting and dynamic parts of human society, was made invisible for so many people. In this way, dance has become much more than a means to an end, it has become part of life. The more people that discover how dance works, the more we’ll learn and the more people who can dance in a way that allows and encourages their imagination to engage in new and exciting ways.” (Harrison, 2013)


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Where did pole dance originated? – Plus Size Pole Dance Clothes
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