What do pole dancers do? – Best Pole Dance Ever

Well, there are two things they do, not to make your pants fall down, but to get you to watch.

The top two things they both do is: they flip you over, and then they do a little dance and dance around you. And then they do something funny about you.

They do those two things in a row in order, because that’s what they actually do, and that’s kind of their entire role. But you definitely want to make them pause for a second so they know if you’re going to continue.

The first thing they do is they either flip you over or they do a little dance and move around you a little, and then they do the same thing, kind of in sequence, because that’s what they do. Then as the dance gets closer it gets more and more complicated, and those steps are important, too. So they’re both, really, a series of steps to get you to stop.

Next come the arms and legs. You do a little bit then you make a big move.

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And then they do the most complicated dance you have ever seen. You’ll be like “ohhh!”

So, now we have the pole dancer’s role, which is how do you get them to stay on the stage and make you stop?

Because that’s what your job is. So if you’re really good at getting them to stay on the stage, you’ll move them very quickly. Even if you’re really bad, you can get them to stay on the stage in only 1/3 of a second, so you can get into this rhythm so quickly that they just stay on. But if you don’t do that, then they just keep getting up there, until you let them go. And that’s the only way you can get them to stop…

You have to have their attention for them to be able to stay on the stage.

You get the energy flowing into them.

You’ve got to get their energy flowing into you.

Now we talk about how to get into that same rhythm as the dancer, and we talk about how to get into that energy when the dancer moves into it.

If you’re standing by the pole and you see someone performing, but then you see a dancer perform on the other side of the pole, they want you to watch them dance so they can help them out. For example, at least a couple of them will be like,

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What do pole dancers do? – Best Pole Dance Ever
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