Is there a weight limit for pole dancing? – Pole Dance Clothes Set Manicure

The weight limit has been adjusted as an example; in the UK the minimum weight for pole dancing is 30 kilos, that would mean you need at least 100 kilograms of weight and strength to take part in pole dancing class.

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It is worth noting that Pole Dance Australia and International Clubs Association (ISAF) (ISAF) does not set the minimum weight. ISAF has made this guideline available to clubs across Australia. The National Association for Para Dance (NAPD) has a code of practice covering weighting.

We can’t see you if you are not a Pole, but if you do take part you still need to be aware what you are doing in front of a crowd. The best way to ensure a safe and enjoyable day out is to dress and behave for the occasion.

What to do if someone else does not wear the correct attire

If you see a person wearing clothing from the wrong school, club or event do ask them to change their outfit. The school will usually be happy to discuss the matter. The school’s staff will also be happy to explain it.

The club or event that has requested you to change your outfit is also entitled to ask you to change if they feel you may be at risk of injury or serious harm if you attempt to dance in a clothing that is not to their standards.

Are there rules about throwing or kicking a pole at another person?

Yes, the Safety Rules in pole dancing apply to all individuals as they cross from one pole to the next. This is based on the International Regulations of Para dancing. In an attempt to reduce injury, the IPC states that: “As dancers, dancers should:

Be in the safest possible position possible during the dance;

Know their surroundings and avoid situations where they can be injured.

Avoid making and moving objects from which to kick during the dance.

Athletes should also avoid excessive use of kicksticks by other dancers.

When possible, avoid throwing objects from a pole into the path of another dancer.

What the IPC recommends about throwing objects into people from a pole is to make sure that if the object comes closer than one metre to another person, it should be thrown, regardless or if the other person is directly in front of it. A maximum distance of six feet (1.2 m) must separate the objects thrown from the feet of the person being thrown.

If a pole is in a place where it

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Is there a weight limit for pole dancing? – Pole Dance Clothes Set Manicure
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