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Dirty Work

If you want to understand why the federal government may have been willing to help the terrorists on the 9/11 attacks, you need to know more about who funded them and the kinds of operations they were involved in.

This article describes for the first time all of this. The following sections describe five ways that the Saudi government funded the terror network that went on to wreak terror and destruction. It describes a system of “rewards” for individuals providing information and information from “friends within the government” that eventually led to the 9/11 Commission investigation. The “friends” used at least 12 different forms of bribes and rewards.

Most significantly, the Saudi government, along with the Pakistani ISI, financed various al-Qaeda operatives in Afghanistan, including the 9/11 hijackers.

But the “rewards” that the Saudi government paid for help in the 9/11 attack in the form of funds and weapons to Saudi citizens are far more interesting. In the words of another author, it had “the most interesting and least transparent” form of support for the Saudis, which is perhaps why there was so much resistance to it being published.

The following list is the first of two chapters in a three-chapter research project on Saudi Arabia and al-Qaeda. The second chapter, “A Nation of WMDs,” follows on from the first, focusing on the funding for weapons and explosives. It is published immediately after “The Money Plane,” and explains the origins and history of how the Saudi government supported al-Qaeda while the U.S. worked to suppress evidence, and thus conceal the truth about Saudi involvement in 9/11.

For more information, please see the following links and our companion essay by Bruce A. Riedel on Saudi Arabia and al-Qaeda.

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Al-Qa’ida Terrorist Networks in Afghanistan

The “Global War on Terrorism,” is a manufactured phenomenon. It was first launched under the Clinton Administration by the White House. Since then, a new war has been waged, this time with an ever more “broad” definition, by both the U.S. government and various other countries. All of the actions have been a deliberate diversion of resources away from domestic law enforcement, which have been doing a pretty decent job at the time.

The idea was to use terrorism as a pretext for a long-overdue crackdown on civil liberties as well as to create the pretext for a huge increase in funding from foreign

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Is stripping worth the money? – Pole Dance Classes For Beginners Near Me Storage In Tulsa
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