Is pole dancing the same as stripping? – Exotic Pole Dance Competition

No, pole is not the same thing as stripping – but if you strip down to your bathing suit and dip your pole, you are still called a pole dancer, though most people who do this aren’t.

You’re one pole dancer, I’m one pole dancer. Who’s the pole dancer?

We can be a pole dancer, an aerialist or a bareback performer at the same time, however most folks like to choose one or the other.

Pole dancing: How does it work?

The basics of pole dancing are pretty similar and I’ll give a brief introduction to how all of the various styles operate.

First, we hold up a pole and kick or hop on to it. We then move to the front of the dancers and spin the pole around us.

Once in the air, we then perform what we would normally call bare back on a pole dancer (with the pole bouncing around).

This is where it gets interesting as there’s a difference in our technique to how a dancer would generally carry themselves on a traditional dance floor.

Many of us take our pole and take it spinning around us. We spin it to the front then flip it 180 degrees towards the back. We can then perform many different moves including flips, kicks, spins and even aerial, to name a few. We can then go into the front of the dancers and start spinning around them.

One thing that’s different about pole is that we don’t usually take off our dancing attire, instead we have our pole bag with us which is like our dance floor, so we still have to find a spot to put the pole before moving on to the next part of the act. This lets us perform bare back on a pole dancer at the same time and still have visibility for us to the front of the stage to perform our aerial, with them behind us.

When you see a pole dancer going through the action, you can tell when they are doing pole by your reaction to their body language. Is their stomach bulging upwards? Are they going to pull their trousers up as much as possible? Is their leg lifting off the ground? How far up do they push their thigh into the floor? Are their eyes wide from anger?

There’s a lot more to it than simply looking at the dancer, but the first thing you probably notice is that every part of their body is reacting to something going on around them, with eyes wide, body language flaring,

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Is pole dancing the same as stripping? – Exotic Pole Dance Competition
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