Is pole dancing dangerous? – Pole Dance Competition Videos

Are you worried about the safety of others who are not pole dancers? Why should you care? Find out everything you need to know…

Praise be to Allah.


It is not permissible for you to be arrogant in relation to the fact of being a Muslim and not being able to pray five times a day. This is more likely to prevent you from being righteous than it is likely to help, as it would mean that the worshipper would be able to recite the Qur’aan while his tongue was glued to his throat.

With regard to those who have a religious qualification and are unable to perform some of the obligatory duties, they need to be provided with proper training and guidance (see the answer to question no. 62232, and also the explanation of Ibn Qudaamah regarding it).

They should, however, have good manners and be mindful of the things of life. This will increase the amount of righteousness that will be bestowed on them.


If it is known that you do pray five times a day, and you know that this is necessary for your faith because it is essential for you to believe in Allah and His Messenger, then, may Allah reward you for it (i.e.). If you know that you pray five times a day but do not know what time you will start praying each day, then you need to pray early and pray to that time.

But if it is known that (your) daily prayer is a necessity for you not only in order to believe in Allah and His Messenger but also to give him all kinds of rewards, you need to be grateful to Allah and His Prophet.

If you believe in those who have been sent as messengers to you (as well as those who are in between), that it is not possible for Allah to have created the world and had the will to punish the Jews and Christians and the mushrikun but for these groups to have believed in Islam, and had been commanded to pray 5 times a day, and that it is a duty for them to give the Muslims rewards and that Allah the Exalted said:

“So whoever among you has given (in charity) such of his slaves as are in need of it, then give it to them. (It is obligatory to give charity) and the good-pleasing is to the believers only…” (Al-A’raf, 12)

But, it is not necessary to pray five times a day,

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Is pole dancing dangerous? – Pole Dance Competition Videos
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