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The most common question we see from people who are interested in whether lap dancing is legal is on the topic of the cost of doing this activity and whether it is better or worse than other types of dancing. People often suggest that being covered in clothing or a skimpy nightie is preferable to being barefoot and nude. The most common response to this is to be more concerned about someone’s safety instead of a social obligation.

If someone is not comfortable with that, then that is perfectly acceptable, as long as someone is not risking their health or the health of another individual.

However, many people who perform for their own amusement see things differently. They do see stripping as a way to entertain and they have a very specific relationship they need to be able to uphold if they want to be considered socially acceptable. While we believe that someone who chooses to strip is still acting out of their sexuality, they are able to enjoy themselves that time when they aren’t engaged in sexual behaviour.

Being able to do something that isn’t sexual because you’re comfortable with your own personhood is more valuable than being considered as someone who is engaging in sexual behaviour.

What does the law say about it?

The majority of states in the US have laws regarding lap dancing. Most states have laws in their laws that protect from liability people who decide to strip.

The law in most states also says that if someone is charged for it, that charge goes into their record whether or not they strip down. It doesn’t matter what the charges say or how little or how much money the charges come with, it doesn’t change the fact that someone is being charged.

For those of you that might be worried about any laws or regulations regarding your behaviour, just remember that you are allowed to enjoy what you do, even if people don’t agree with it.

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Is lap dancing legal? – Pole Dancing Classes Chicago
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