Is lap dancing legal? – Pole Dancing Championships

Yes. Do you need to know the rules, though? Not necessarily.

So what is lap dancing?

If you have ever danced on a dance floor, at least once, then you will have known that when you perform your performance on top of someone else, you are going to have someone else watching you, and that someone is going to be someone’s friend. In a bar, you may have seen people watch the other dancers while they dance, but in a professional setting, you are going to perform in front of a crowd of others who will be viewing, and if they look at you the wrong way, there is a chance they will do something wrong. Not to say people will be watching you and acting in a way that could jeopardize you or you can do something bad to them, but they don’t know you, and the people watching don’t know you. However, in a commercial setting, most of the dancers are known to other workers, not only in the dancers’ immediate area (because if you do it in your own apartment, you are probably an employee and everyone else is probably out of your business), but also everyone watching it from the outside. So if you don’t know them, and they don’t know you, the only way for them to act in a way not to look terrible is to act like a complete jerk to the point of being offensive to them. And that is exactly what they will be doing, and they will be showing you all the signs of being a complete jerk, which include:

Not paying anything that does not come with their credit card

Not bringing an important piece of information with you (such as a credit card number)
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Not paying on time

Showing you up

Not asking about any kind of information that they don’t already know

Not having their number posted on their work phone like you’d expect anyone to do

No answering personal questions

Giving you a dirty look after everything

Being rude to others about why that behavior is wrong, such as, “I’m a dancer. I do what I want.”

I’ve done that before.

In fact, I did that way back in 2002 and the first year that I was a performer. I remember being told not to give my friends my pay for dancing. I was so disgusted by the whole thing and wanted to do something that I had been dreading ever since. I made a joke that the dancers couldn’t possibly know who I

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Is lap dancing legal? – Pole Dancing Championships
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